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DRESS CODE 2019-2020
Published by Belinda Holloway on August 1, 2019

yellow poster with the words dress code written in blue.  On the upper left of the poster is a white ribbonAll students should come to school well groomed, with clean uniforms daily. When students look their best, they feel their best and negative behaviors and a positive attitude toward learning can take place. All students will be held to the same uniform standardsThe Dress Code Policy is 


  • 6th grade students can wear BABY BLUE COLLARED POLO STYLE SHIRTS ONLY.
  • 7th grade students can wear NAVY BLUE COLLARED POLO STYLE SHIRTS ONLY.
  • 8th grade students can wear WHITE COLLARED POLO STYLE SHIRTS ONLY .
  • T-shirts that are worn under the shirt must be ALL White and free of decoration.
  • Shirts should be tucked in at all times.
  • Plain white or navy turtlenecks can be worn under a uniform shirt in the winter months, (November – February).


  • Students can wear solid khaki, black or navy uniform style pants, capri’s or shorts.
  • No Cargo style pants/shorts; which have large side pockets or hoops on the legs of the pants.
  • Shorts must reach the knee and can Not be cut off from a pair pants.
  • Students can wear Plain uniform dresses and skirts that are knee length.
  • Spandex, cut-offs, stretch, tight/form-fitting, or “skinny” leg style uniform pants are Not acceptable.
  • Students can not wear jogging pants, under armor, or athletic style pants on top of or under their uniform pants.


  • Plain sweatshirts that are free of decoration, wording or ornaments can be worn, if they are Gray or Navy. The collar of the uniform shirt should be visible at all times.
  • Plain Gray or Navy cardigans, sweaters or blazers are acceptable.


  • Students can wear tennis shoes or Sperry (boat style)  shoes. All tennis shoes except Toms must have shoe laces and a rubber sole. Sperry (boat style) shoes should be brown, black or navy.
  • The following shoes Are Not acceptable: hard bottom shoes, sandals of any form, baby-doll style slip on shoes, slides,  boots of any kind, bedroom/shower style slippers, and crocs.


Students can wear ONLY:

  • Stud earrings that are no larger than a pencil eraser.
  • One necklace and/0r bracelet, ring.
  • Lanyards that are placed in the shirt for security.
  • 1-Plain hard plastic or Plain rubber band style headband to secure the hair.
  • Students can wear Navy or Black ties if partnered with a uniform oxford shirt.
  • Socks, when visible, should be plain White, Navy, or Black (not knee length).
  • Plain Navy, White, Black tights or stockings are acceptable; but tennis shoes, Sperry shoes are the only form of footwear.
  • Make-up should be minimal and not distractive.


Students can not wear:

  • Scarves, rags, bandannas or wrap-caps on their heads or in their pockets.
  • Scarves on the body during the school day.
  • No Body piercings of any kind.
  • Pocket watches.
  • Tattoos (they must be covered up at all times).
  • Hats of any form.
  • Excessive hair jewelry.
  • Stickers and face paintings.
  • Any other ornament deemed inappropriate by the Principal.


  • All book bags should be made of Clear plastic or mesh/net material. (book bags are not allowed in the classroom)
  • Purses should be no larger than a textbook if it is taken in the classroom.